• Secure public health. The scale of the public health crisis in poor countries is enormous. In countries afflicted by epidemics and pandemics like HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis, growth and development will be threatened until these scourges can be contained. Resources from the developed world are necessary but will be effective only with honest governance, which supports prevention programs and provides effective local infrastructure. The United States has strongly backed the new global fund for HIV/AIDS organized by U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and its focus on combining prevention with a broad strategy for treatment and care. The United States already contributes more than twice as much money to such efforts as the next largest donor. If the global fund demonstrates its promise, we will be ready to give even more.

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  21 2002

    The scale of the public health crisis is enormous in the US, too. One quarter of its people are poor, and have almost no medical care. Does Bush care?


    / 07 2004

    There will always be poor among us. There will always be those who will be less fortunate. Hard work alone won't always better some peoples' sitautions (but it is a start) but neither will government intervention.That fact will never go away. For decades now government has tried to change that fact and hasn't been able to reduce it. Even Communism couldn't create the level playing field that it invisioned. Govenment handouts won't cure the problem. Though politicians from both sides of the aisle promise to help everybody.

    Instead of waiting for George Bush or John Kerry to fix this problem, what are you doing? What are we as a society doing? Letes face it neither of these canidates will do anything about it...that includes Nader who is probably the least qualified to solve this conutry's problems!

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