We know from history that deterrence can fail; and we know from experience that some enemies cannot be deterred. The United States must and will maintain the capability to defeat any attempt by an enemy -- whether a state or non-state actor -- to impose its will on the United States, our allies, or our friends. We will maintain the forces sufficient to support our obligations, and to defend freedom. Our forces will be strong enough to dissuade potential adversaries from pursuing a military build-up in hopes of surpassing, or equaling, the power of the United States.

Comments: 21 2002

The US will "dissuade potential adversaries" from trying to equal or surpass "the power of the US." A lesson from history, perhaps? When Athens was at the height of its power, it fell. In its greed for yet more power it (a) overextended itself, and (b) forced other states to join together against it. ("You are either with us or against us," the Athenians told the Melians in 416 bce; and when the Melians wouldn't accept such a simple choice, all the men were murdered and all the women and children sold as slaves. Thus the justice of the self-proclaimed "great democracy" of Athens. --BGH


/ 07 2004

So what is the alternative? Surrender? At what point do we, as a nation, say to terrorist and terroism enough is enough? We all know that even if the Palistinians are free and enjoy a new country and full fellowship in the world community that this problem of terrosim won't go away. The deteremination of these radicals knows no bounds. When your war cry stems from the days of the brutal Crusades, we have a lot of history to overcome. My question is, do nations turn their backs on defending their country and submitting themselves to whatever or whoever? Remember that little guy named Adolf Hitler? Maybe some of us have forgotten that small disturbance call WWII. Many American lives were lost in countries and cities many didn't even know how to pronounce. Now you want this very same nation that produced these soldiers who protected freedoms of other countries to roll over and play nice? What color is your sky in your world?

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