We will take the actions necessary to ensure that our efforts to meet our global security commitments and protect Americans are not impaired by the potential for investigations, inquiry, or prosecution by the International Criminal Court (ICC), whose jurisdiction does not extend to Americans and which we do not accept. We will work together with other nations to avoid complications in our military operations and cooperation, through such mechanisms as multilateral and bilateral agreements that will protect U.S. nationals from the ICC. We will implement fully the American Servicemembers Protection Act, whose provisions are intended to ensure and enhance the protection of U.S. personnel and officials.

Comments: 20 2002

In other words, we fear the
concensus of non-Americans, who
might actually agree that we're
a menace rather than the savior
of humanity. 21 2002

The arrogance of power says that nobody can judge the US. The US said the same thing when the World Court declared that the US mining of the harbor in Nicaragua was a war crime. Bullies don't obey rules. Democracy? Nonsense.


/ 07 2004

Who is the world court and who elected (or chose) these individuals to judge other countries? The UN? Are these the same judges who condemned the US for imprisoning Mexican nationals who committed heinous crimes in this country? I guess murders like thesse and Saddam Hussein deserve more protection and rights then the victims. Great thinking. I agree that America should be careful with their arrogance. But, what country do you live in...France? Just think if you lived in a Muslim country you couldn't say what you just said and if you're of any faith other than Islam you basically have no freedom.

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