• defending the United States, the American people, and our interests at home and abroad by identifying and destroying the threat before it reaches our borders. While the United States will constantly strive to enlist the support of the international community, we will not hesitate to act alone, if necessary, to exercise our right of self-defense by acting preemptively against such terrorists, to prevent them from doing harm against our people and our country; and

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  21 2002

    What Bush says is that he (or the US) has the right to judge the intentions of others. If I think my neighbor is a bad guy, I can kill him: that's Bush's respect for freedom, justice, the idea of law. Bullies always say that they are right. --BGH


    / 07 2004

    No, it's if you crash a jet into one of my buildings you get your ass kicked! If you kill innocent women and children and hide behind your cowardly actions in the name of Allah, you face the consequences of such actions. I'm not a fan of GW but this sounds like Bush bashing rather than rational thinking. If I walked into your home shot your family would you just stand there and let me? Would you want to do something? Maybe not, you're afraid what other criminals might think of you.


    / 26 2017

    Doing "something" can have many meanings. "Somethings" that kill countless innocents – many times more than died on 9/11 – and don't actually solve the problem of terrorism are IRRATIONAL not "rational thinking."

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