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This site, which contained some content produced by children, was directed mostly against George W. Bush, but also expressed anti-war sentiments. It had book reviews, a section for parents, an art section, and a section for essays and articles by kids. The closing statement ran as follows:
Editor's Desk
Closing Statement

Hello friends and supporters. To start out, I would like to thank everyone who joined and participated in KAB. This site proved successful as many guests passed through and learned. We have been here through many events and remain in the same, true belief. We are in knowledge that the current administration is still one of hatred and death. We are going to leave Kids Against Bush in its current state to be looked upon by visitors of the RAF server page. Contributions and art will remain hosted. But why? Why are we leaving this legacy? For one, Bush cheated himself in and will not be cheating himself out. We are going to have to live or die through this administration no matter what. We are an endangered people under such a rule. I still would like to leave this at an optimistic approach. Kids Against Bush had its prime moments when it was flourishing with participants. We had our legend and it is just time to fade it out. Remember the best of KAB. Thanks so much once again. You will be able to find KAB, deep in our history and hearts.


Expired: 2007