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This site featured a short film expressing an anti-war perspective. The authors presented the project as follows:

Welcome to BUGDAD,

we produce the first satire about the war in Iraq and are also a pilot project of independent film financing.

You have the chance to support this critical film by purchasing a BUGDAD-Frame in advance.

To offer you a foretaste of the film you are invited to download our teaser for free.

Have fun on our website

Friendly Fire Films

Another description of the project was this:
March 2003. Shortly before the start of the Iraq war, five US marines are sent on a highly important mission: To find Saddam's first general in Baghdad and make him surrender. By human error the soldiers are dropped a bit too early - in Berlin. This “little" mistake remains undiscovered and the marines follow their orders - far from war and reality ...

Expired: 2007