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This website of the Houston Global Awareness Collective urged visitors to "Stop the War Profiteers: Demand Regime Change." It focused attention on Halliburton in 2004, releasing an alternative annual report for the corporation:
In Houston Texas, anti-war and global justice activists, as part of the Stop the War Profiteers campaign, have joined together to make October an awareness month for who they call the poster child of war profiteering and corporate cronyism, Halliburton. While Halliburton and it's subsidiaries are raking in billions of dollars in Iraq reconstruction and service provision contracts, Iraq’s infrastructure is still not functioning: meals and fuel to US military personal are not being delivered, expensive equipment is being abandoned, fraud of US taxpayer dollars is rampant, and public and private entities are opening investigations into allegations of fraud, waste and corruption by the company. A handful of well-connected corporations, like Halliburton, and their subsidiary KBR, are making a killing off the devastation in Iraq, while Iraqi’s are being economically disenfranchised by this corporate occupation. This so-called reconstruction is benefiting the friends of Bush and Cheney, but it’s not benefiting the Iraqi people.

Expired: 2006