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This online video game developed by Per Pegelow commented on the war on terror in an ironic mode. The tag line was
It depends on you, so do your best!
Surrounding the airplane that served as an entry point for game play were the following messages:

destroy the root of all evil with a cruise missile! you will make this world a nice and peaceful place. sure, sometimes you will also hit some civil targets. but that's the price of freedom and the others will pay for it.

war against terror
it's easy like a pin ball game

ok, some people might think, that this game is a little bit cynical, but it is not my point to mock at the victims of the eleventhseptember and i don't have any sympathy with any kind of terrorists. i just want to say, that waging war on whole nations to get some terrorists is a very effective way to create new terror.

Expired: 2007