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Information on the site claimed that "this site is now receiving over 80,000 unique visitors a week and is obviously here to stay so we plan to add a little more for people get involved in." Alas, it was not to be, as it disappeared after one furious year. The site credits Kerb with the concept and build, and mentions funding by The Levellers. At its peak, the site posted over a hundred user-contributed, downloadable posters. The backlog of posters waiting for review and reformatting was nearly six hundred. The authors of the site had the following to say about their project:
this site has been set up as the artistic community's response to the west's current suicidal charge towards war in the middle east. the political posters on windows and walls that condemn the war are often heavy on rhetoric and generally preach to the converted leaving others who do not care to walk on past oblivious. the challenge was sent out to designers around the world to submit posters that would stop poeple in their tracks and give them pause for thought. we then then converted the posters to a format that visitors could print out and distribute easily.

we have been swamped by the response and impressed by the variety of countries we've received submissions from. we've had stuff from every continent including plenty from the USA. it's nice to be reassured that no matter what the opinion of your respective governments, there are millions of people worldwide who are sickened by what is going on and want their voice to be heard. most notable in the UK has been the huge response from our students - not only universities and colleges but also schools - who are taking to the streets and showing our government that they do care about politics. they just know that voting - even if they have the chance - will make no difference.

Expired: 2004