Office of the Press Secretary

TOTAL FUNDING: $6.049 Billion
April 19, 1999

Defense Department Funding = $5.458 billion
DOD Military Funding = $5.123 billion;
DOD Refugee Assistance Funding = $335 million

Military :

-- This emergency funding package provides funds to permit the Department of Defense to sustain its current operations against Serbia. To provide maximum flexibility to our military commanders, the Administration is providing the capability to continue operations at the currently approved force and operational levels.

-- US force levels in the Balkans would be funded to include a carrier battle group; 600+ Air Force and Marine Crops aircraft, 1 Marine Expeditionary Unit, several Army helicopter battalions and missile batteries, and other support forces.

Key Elements of Military Funding:

Operations: $3.301 billion

-- $287 million for costs of operations to date, from the start of the initial air campaign on March 24 through the end of April. It includes deployment of ships, personnel and equipment, unit operations, supplies, fuel, spare parts and special pay and allowances for personnel deployed to the region.

-- $3.014 billion for continued air operations. This will cover future costs, including operating aircraft and ships, providing protection of troops and bases, spare parts, transportation, logistics, maintenance, special pay and allowances, and other support costs for US forces in the Balkans.

Munitions: $698 million

-- $698 million for usage of munitions will cover upgrades and replenishment of Tomahawk cruise missiles and replenishment of Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missiles, Joint Direct Attack Munitions, and towed decoys. This applies to past and anticipated usage of these munitions. A portion of these funds will also go to pay for munitions used against Iraq.

Readiness and Munitions Contingency Reserve Fund: $850 million

-- $850 million in additional contingency reserve funds are set aside for military readiness, including restoring inventories of certain munitions which have not yet -- but which may be -- used in the conflict. While assumptions regarding Administration policy remain consistent, prudent planning for operations calls for setting aside additional funding on a contingency basis to assure that a high level of military readiness will continue to be maintained, and that the supply of munitions, an essential element of readiness, remains sufficient for future operations.

Additional costs related to Iraq: $274 million

-- Operations Desert Fox and Desert Thunder: $134 million to fund costs caused by the deployment of US forces to the region to conduct operations against Iraq, and the preparations and pre-positioning for Desert Thunder in November and the missile strike in Desert Fox in December. These costs include unit operations, transportation, logistics, fuel, and spare parts, and special pay and allowances for personnel deployed to the region.

-- Enhanced Northern and Southern Watch: $140 million to fund costs, in the wake of Desert Fox and Iraq's continued defiance of no-fly zones, of increased U.S. activity. These costs include special pay and allowances for personnel deployed to the region, unit operations, transportation, logistics, fuel and spare parts.

Refugee Assistance (DOD)

The Defense Department will also provide assistance to Kosovar refugees (see below.)

Refugee and Humanitarian Operations = $721 Million (including $335 million for DOD Refugee Assistance)

-- Resources are provided for the U.S. share of multi-lateral civilian relief and humanitarian assistance) to provide shelter, food, medicine, and other assistance for an estimated 650,000 refugees.

-- The Administration is concerned about the hundreds and thousands of refugees who remain at dire risk inside Kosovo itself. Therefore this emergency package contains funding that could be used to meet their needs.

Elements of Humanitarian Funding:

Refugee Relief and Assistance (Department of Defense): $335 million

-- $335 million for the Department of Defense to provide assistance to Kosovar refugees, consistent with the U.S. participation in the multilateral commitment for temporary resettlement, including housing, provision of food and medical care. These funds will provide temporary resettlement for 20,000 refugees, and could also be used for additional logistical support, supplies and assistance. Also included in this package are costs already incurred by the Defense Department fortical supplies and transportation to provide assistance to the refugees.

Refugee Relief and Assistance (Department of State/USAID:) $386 million

-- $386 million for State Department and USAID to supply critical provisions to refugees, including food, shelter, water, and medicine and to support efforts organized by the U.S. government, international organizations and non-governmental organizations.

Additional Funding:

Securing Front Line States: $150 million. These funds will be available to provide urgent assistance for countries, (Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia, and for Montenegro) whose citizens, economies and infrastructure, have been affected by the influx of refugees and by disruptions to commerce and transport caused by the conflict. Fund will also be used for the region's needs to provide for well-being, safety and return of Kosovo refugees once a settlement is reached.

Diplomatic Operations and Other Stabilization Efforts: $55 million

This package contains funding for enhanced security in US diplomatic facilities due to the conflict, and for previously incurred expenses. For example, funding will emergency temporary security personnel, and for facilities directly related to protecting personnel responding to the crisis. In addition, funds will provide for costs associated with the Kosovo Diplomatic Observer Mission, and the evacuation and shutdown of Belgrade and other posts. Funds will also cover police and justice programs, principally to provide independent police training.