A Guide to Military Acronyms (AGMA)

ACTDAdvanced Concept Technology Demonstration
BDABattle damage assessment
BEBasic encyclopedia
BURBottom-up review
C\3Command, control, and communications
DAWMSDeep Attack/Weapons Mix Study
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DODDepartment of Defense
ELEElectrical facilities
GOBGround order of battle
GVCGovernment centers
GWAPSGulf War Air Power Survey
LANTIRNLow-altitude navigation and targeting infrared for night
LGBLaser-guided bomb
LOCLines of communication
MIBMilitary industrial base
NAVNaval facilities
NBCNuclear, biological, and chemical
OCAOffensive counterair
OILOil refining, storage, and distribution
SAMSurface-to-air missile
SCUScud missile facilities
TLAMTomahawk land-attack missile
TOEType of effort
WOEWeight of effort
OWIOffice of War Information
RAFRoyal Air Force
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
UNUnited Nations
UMTUniversal Military Training
HERFHigh Energy Radio Frequency

Department of Defense Dictionary of Military terms