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This website for Peacefund Canada aimed to "encourage and support adult peace educators and other learners in their efforts to build a more humane, non-violent and de-militarized world." The organization's mission statement was as follows:
The purpose of Peacefund Canada is to encourage and support education programmes which challenge people to believe in and work for world peace.*

The Fund will do so by supporting projects which educate the public on:
  1. The consequences of nuclear war; and which seek to reduce the risks of such a war by working for an immediate reduction of nuclear weapons produced, stored and deployed in the world.
  2. The causes of armed conflict, on methods of prevention, and on alternative methods for resolving conflict.
  3. The negative impact of the global arms race on international development, and on the benefits to be reaped from peaceful economic conversion and a disarmed world.
  4. The need to reach across hostile or forbidden borders, whether between nations or ethnic, racial or religious groups.
  5. The necessity to strengthen existing global institutions pledged to the cause of international peace and security, such as the United Nations, or to establish new ones including NGO organizations and networks.
* A world at peace would be very different from the one we know today. It will be one in which:
  • Material resources are equitably shared.
  • Beliefs and practices of militarism are no longer dominant.
  • Terms such as "enemy" and "alien" are discarded as obsolete.
  • Local initiatives as well as global institutions are committed to enhancing social and economic justice and the peaceful resolution of international conflicts.
A world without war dignifies its own citizens, thereby creating a climate more conducive to ensuring basic rights and freedoms for all people in all countries.

Expired: 2006